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"Don't ever step onto the track unless you plan on winning."
1949 Iowa High School Men's State Half Mile Champion


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Ohio High School State
Mile Champions
What They Did To Win The State Title

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How 17 runners conditioned and trained to run a 4:10 1600m 

  • 6 month training schedule with workouts
  • 10 "Workouts of the Champions"
  • Winter running requirements
  • Tapering workouts for State
  • Race strategy
  • Ryun & Liquori High School workouts
  • Complete interviews and more...

Training for the mile. Workouts, training schedule, racing strategy - Here's what the State champions did, what they didn't do. How they trained and how they raced. No theories, no opinions. Just the facts. Just the truth.

Plus we document and analyze the great 4 minute high school milers, Liquori and Ryun. How they trained and raced in high school.

New 3rd Edition 2016
Race Strategy & How the Sub4 High Schoolers Trained

The previous two editions of this book left off at tapering for the big race. Now we have what to do on race day. We spent a lot of time on analyzing past races of the mile and 1500m, plus we've interviewed some of the great ones that broke 4 minutes in high school - Marty Liquori, Tim Danielson, Alan Webb and high school teammates of Jim Ryun. And from this we've created the Three Laws of Racing the Mile. Hope you enjoy and find beneficial Marty and Jim's high school workouts.

New Chapters

  • High School Mile Racing Strategy
  • The Three Laws of Racing the Mile
  • Marty Liquori & Jim Ryun High School Workouts

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"Read it my junior year in high school. My coach showed it to me to get me inspired in the winter. It worked!  After reading the great runners in Ohio's past, I really got after it that spring!"
Danny Neff

"I coach high school distance runners in Oregon and this book is a great read to give me ideas for my workouts."

"Great book. I highly recommend it especially to you high school and college kids who want to run sub 4:10 for the mile. Great training plans from Kennedy, Zishka, Jeff See, and other names you'll recognize."
D. Lee

"Your book arrived last evening and I could not put it down.  I am very impressed with the time you must have spent putting this together.   What a valuable tool for track coaches."
D. Emeott - East Kentwood High School
High School Men's Track and Field Coach

and its not just for the boys...

I can say that after reading Chuck Bridgman's book it not only has changed my running but it helped me obtain a state title like I always wanted, which is why I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve their running or become a state champion.
Michelle Thomas
Ohio State Girls 3200 Champion 2010 and 2011
Ohio State Girls Cross Country Champion 2011

Here's what they did, what they didn't do.  How they trained and how they raced.  No theories, no opinions.  Just the facts.  Just the truth.

We start in 1964 with a runner who played high school football and basketball and then set two state meet records in the mile and half mile on the same day. We'll finish in the new Jesse Owens stadium with the only runner to win three 1600m titles. In between we talk to Olympic gold medal winners and others that didn't start running track till they were juniors.

By finding out what the winners did, this book looks to answer the question, what does it takes to win the state mile. Workouts, dual meets, winter running, tapering, eating, weight training. What's important, what's not.

17 Individual Champions That Won 24 
State High School Mile Titles Over 40 Years

The Book that documents the Ohio High School
State Mile and 1600m champions.

The four things you need to win the Ohio high school state 1600m title are blind courage, unshakable faith, physical ability and the correct training program. This book cannot help you with the first three. However, through interviews with high school 1600m state champions, analysis of how these state 1600m champions trained this book will provide you with the training program to win the state 1600m with a 4:10 time.

We'll try and answer the question that coaches have argued over for years; is it natural talent and will, or hard work and the right program that makes a champion.

In the end we take what we learned and put together a detailed five month training routine that should produce a 4:11 1600m and win you the State Division I mile.

"This book is amazing and as a fan of Ohio track it is a must read for coaches and athletes."

New 2016 third edition has updated workouts and also includes data from 2008 and 2009 state champ who read the book his junior year and went on to win the state title twice.

by Chuck Bridgman
Publisher: Aardvark (Aug 2008, 2011, 2015)
ISBN13: 978-1-4276-3458-0
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5
Paperback: 140 pages
Language: English
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